A little cutie archive — our best story!

Last Summer, it was way too beautiful in Seattle, we had a lot of fun and traveled a lot from Seattle to San Francisco.

Chen and Heidi in SF airport


When we travel, I love to order a couple of red wines and really enjoyed the flights. Yes, we love wine and we have a very cool wine cooler in our beautiful condo in DT Bellevue. It is one of the newest high-rise in the heart of Bellevue. Usually, we drink from our patio and look at the Lake Washington and Seattle. Life is wonderful…


Suddenly, ooops

Z3 9 15 13

Haha. Ok, Maybe the god tell us it is time to experience something new, and yes, people never feel they are ready. However, when there is a oooops, fine, let’s just do it!

You might like to see this!


Haha, is it fun!!! I almost took a photo everyday to mark my milestones! How cool to look my belly grow now. Haha, meanwhile, we also have a lot of fun!


At week 8, it was the first time we met the baby. I cried! There were no words I can put here to describe how cool it is! To such a little live inside me. It is growing everyday. From the screen, it is just like two cells together, however, something is beating there and the doctor told us that is the heart beating!

OMG!!!! I cried! Everyone smiled. That’s miracle!

w8 10.16.1

Then life was continuously wonderful, I fell in love with this cool thing and had a lot of fun along the beautiful ocean.

w13 11.24

I worked and had fun everyday with my cat. I was told a lot of times by my friends and family be careful with the cat since I was pregnant. We have out cat checked and she is very healthy and I saw no problems in it. She loves to be with me anywhere. On my bed, on my lap, on my desk…

w17 12.16.2_副本



We spent out Christmas on Highway 1 and went to the food hunting in LA. So cool!

w18 12.21_

w19 12.24_副本


At week 24, we finally can see how our baby look like! It is a boy!

w22 1.14.2_副本 w22 1.14_副本

I highly recommend this body pillow for all pregnant woman. I slept on it during the half pregnancy. Chen took a nap on it and said it was the best nap for him for a while.

w22 1.18_副本

Yes, we went to a very challenge hike for 7 miles. All uphills and downhills. 8 out of 10 for challenge level. My belly started to show that time.

w23 1.26_副本 w23 1.29_副本

There is a Pingpong club near our new house, we had a lot of fun there!

w24 2.9_副本

I still go to some conferences with my showing bump. Everyone seems love it. I love to be the stylish big belly mama.

w25 2.5_副本



I eat everything. I didn’t believe those old Chinese theories pregnant woman cannot eat this or that. I guess if it is not too obstacle like raw meat, alcohol, or drugs, then it is should be fine. I love seafood, especially crabs and lobster. Chen cooked me a nice meal for Valentine’s! It was super crowed everywhere in SF that day and we didn’t have to wait at all for the fabulous dinner full with love and romantic.

w26 2.14.14 Week 26 w26 2.16_副本

I love enjoy the sunshine and friendship!

w27 2.24_副本 w29 3.8_副本

And yes, always jump into the camera when I met any legend I admire.

w34 4.9

Yes, work out too!

w34 4.13

w36 4.22.2_副本


Now, we have him: Aiden!

Welcome to visit us sometimes! :-)


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Heidiglish: Pregnentrepreneur!

Yes, really! I find pregnancy and entrepreneurship have so much in common:
1, partnership or outsource, however, best partnership is the key.
2, could be fun, exciting, and intense. A lot of work but a lot of enjoyment.
3, due day=product launch day.
4, the baby could be beautiful or not beautiful…however, it is your own baby.
5, the baby could be very successful or could be nobody, however, a lot of “afterwork” and commitment for the whole journey!

You might agree or disagree. However this is truly how I feel right now. To all moms, mom-to-be’s, entrepreneurs, and pregnant entrepreneurs–pregnentrepreneurs!

To build two things at the same time and keep look great need a lot of passion, self motivation, encouragement and momentum. I am so lucky that I can be a pregnentrepreneur for this 9 months and really enjoy this journey!


Get your curves even pregnant!


Haha, here you go. I am 19 weeks pregnant. Almost half of the way. Feel wonderful! No morning sickness at all, same appetite and energy, still a workaholic and go to gym as usual. I gained 5lbs in this 4 months…I dropped albs in the beginning and it all come back. So, total 5 lbs. 

I don’t do anything lying on the floor on my back workout anymore, and moderate the weights I am working on, modify a lot of movements too like skipping a lot of jumping or bumping. I love dance, add prenatal yoga, African dance, Caribbean, India, HipHop, and clubbing style as workout. I also just stated to do breaking dance too and it is the most changeling for far: on my wriest and belly. However, the rule of thumb is: if I am feeling well, I will keep doing it–listen to the body. 

For the high heels, it is just for posing for the photo. I usually wear very comfortable UGG daily, if I have to wear high heels for a while, it would be just for a while. 

I love all the 100% cotton outfit, very loose pants which can let my belly feel relax and keep breathing. Don’t sit too long if you are working in front of the computer. Standup and walk around, or find a comfortable chair–I really love lazy boy chairs which can keep my legs up and feel comfortable for a while. 

Try to sleep on the sides, find a pillow to support the back if you feel side sleeping is hard on the back. 

Find some good books or apps to guide the whole pregnancy and get ready for the coming excitement: after the baby born. OMG, it really gets me nervous when I think about how do milk the baby, how to bath the baby, how to keep her/him sleep nicely, how to change diapers, how to do this and that…lol. 

Relax and feel baby kicks!!Be fashionable still when you are pregnant. 

Happy New Year! 



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Road trip from San Francisco to LA Plan

Holiday season, what is your plan for the short vacation? 

If you like short road trips for 4 days, this might work for you. Just a simple plan: driving from SF to LA along the highway 1. Here you go:

Day 1:

9:30am SF starts to go 

             Drive 2:30 hours

12pm arrived: Monterary/Big Sur:

             1:30 hour: play and lunch

1:30pm leave

             Fill gas  (the gas will be too expensive after this stop) 

Drive 2 hours:

3:30pm: Hearst Castle:

              2 hours:play

              5:30 leave

Drive 1 hour:

6:30pm: Morro Bay:


Day 2:

10am check out hotel and breakfast, play Morro Bay

Drive 1:15 hour 

11:15am Solvang:

          1 hour play

12:15 leave

          Drive 30 min

1pm Santa Barbara:

          Lunch and play 2 hours

3pm leave

Drive 2 hours:

5pm: Santa Monica Airbnb check in, dinner and more


Day 3:

Morning:breakfast & explore Santa Monica (3rd Street promenade, piers)  

Afternoon: hollywood (Beverly Hills, star ave, getty center, grove)

Night: 4:30 Griffith Park (night view)

Check in @ Central LA AirBnB Dinner Chinatown or Koreantown


Day 4:

Mornings: breakfast & check out 9:00

Universal Studios 3:00

Leave for early dinner/late lunch

5:00 drive back to SF 


If you like food, and especially in love real Chinese food: here is a list you might like (sorry, I don’t do enough research to find out their English names, if you don’t read Chinese but still love Chinese food, you will figure out by Google them :-) 

滋味成都: 828 W Valley Blvd, Alhambra, CA 91803 http://www.yelp.com/biz/chengdu-taste-alhambra

云南过桥园: 301 N Garfield Ave, Monterey Park, CA 91754


水煮鱼一号: 120 N San Gabriel Blvd San Gabriel, CA 91775


台湾菜 arcadia 福轩

江浙 valley上的,上海一号和全统聚福楼


奶茶推荐half & half tea house

甜点推荐 凤城

There are also a couple of great Korean restaurants: 





Happy Thanks Giving from my heart!

To all my dearest friends and family, Happy Thanks Giving.

I didn’t blog that much anymore which I should have done it more often. I don’t like to find excuse to say, no time! No way, one can always make time if one wants. 

Alright, today, I am here full of thankful! Yes, I am super super super thankful for my super super super sweet hubby and our little surprise on the way! I am super super super thankful for what I am doing for my passion as work, all my friends and family, our health and happiness everyday. Yes, I am always waking up in the morning with a big smile!!!!!Hope you are all happy and wake up with smiles everyday! CHEERS!

I received a lot of wishes from my friends on FB after I post this. Actually, they do read what I wrote there! I feel super rewarding. When I got up this morning, FB is full of everyone’s Happy Thanks Givings and what they are thankful for. So I sat there and think a minute, what I am thankful the most! So I wrote the short paragraph. It was kinda tricky or hidden, people click likes, and people do read and comment and send me wishes! 

Yes, I am almost 15 weeks pregnant. During the time, my body is function normal, I didn’t have any morning sickness or throw up at all. I still have great appetite, I go to gym, work out, go to coffee shops and carry my laptop spent my whole afternoons working from the coffee shop; I went to conferences, parties, friends gathering, and even seaside Segway ride. I am very proud of what I am doing: Yes, I am pregnant, and I am an entrepreneur. I am building a human being while I am building my second startup. My husband and I just relocated from Seattle to bay area for his new job and also for my new startup. I am super exciting for both of those. 

Before I made the decision to move over, we found out I was pregnant. I just had the conversation with my mentor and she was very encouraging me to move over, and she said, move over, the valley is the best place for your passion and idea, move over, just get it going, don’t even think about having baby or raising family for a couple of years, just go entrepreneur straightforward. Actually, while I was talking with her and grabbing the wine at the same time, I didn’t know I was already pregnant. 

While, for pregnant women, it is hard to relocate, for a pregnant entrepreneur, it is even harder. But I am very much enjoying this challenge! Right, there some logistics need to sort out like find the nearby best OB, stay late at night to communicate with my remote team, stay away from alcohol when went to business gatherings, cannot jump upside down or bumping into things too much when I am working out. 

This is quite an experience. I got up really early everyday to start my work, drink lemonade instead of tea, workout a little bit then went back to work, yes, I work days and nights and keep my momentum going. 

For my second startup which is not released yet, I did all the market research, customer interviews and surveys, UI and UX design, network with all the possibilities, and work with my dev team closely. I feel like I am more well organized and more responsible after I am pregnant. Really really interesting. 

All those just happened naturally, both of my babies, my baby inside my body and my baby inside my mind. I enjoy both of them and I am feeling so thankful that I can do all those at the same time. Maybe there are prejudice saying pregnant women should stay home just focus on pregnancy. However, I suggest people if you are physically and mentally capable, you can do more. It is nothing different than before, but there’s more hope and encourage. 

To all my lady friends, I have had the idea that should I choose career/entrepreneurship or should I choose family, maybe some of you are still mind battling there, now I suggest you, just let things happen naturally. If there is a will, there is a way! 

My parents and my parents in law are all super happy and cannot wait to come over to take care of the baby born next year. This is the lucky part of me with my culture. For those who don’t have this luxury support from the family, I understand you will need to work on those harder, but I trust that you can do it! 

Some of my friends were kidding saying this year it is kinda fashionable to have babies! I agree. I think I am ready to be a responsible mama! Pregnant is not hard at all so far, a lot of times I don’t even feel I am pregnant. But my belly starts to grow this week, seems like. Time to shop some maternity sexy dress and clothes!!! LOL! Any great suggestions?Image

To all my love, happy thanks giving. Find a moment to think about what you are thankful about. 


What is your first cell phone?



1999, I bought my first cell phone in my life in Chengdu, China. I didn’t remember the exact model, however, it looks like this one:Motorola 7089. I remembered the face-board could be changed. The phone came with a set of 3 different color attachable face board I can just simply put it on and take it off. That’s 90% of the reason why I bought this one: because it had the pink switchable face board. 


Then my second phone in that year is Panasonic GD 90. 

ImageI loved this phone a lot. The ringtone was super loud and beautiful, plus, this phone is much smaller than my first phone. I carried this one everywhere and finally ended up gave this phone to my that time bf’s mom. 


Last night, when MSFT announced the deal with Nokia. I felt very complicated! I guess a lot of you might have the same feelings as I did. 
I am not really sure why, but I did feel complicated. Maybe it is the historical thing…means something? means times goes by too fast? means you can be the king or you can be nobody. Time changes everything. 

If there’s not enough innovation, or if there’s no innovation in time, you will be out. 

I remembered back those days if someone own a Nokia 3210 or 3310 would feel super cool! And, yes, that text sound! I remembered. I never had that phone and I am not really sure if I have ever had a Nokia. 

But Nokia meant something. 

Well…this might happen to iPhone one day too. 

Innovation is cool. If you don’t change, you will be out. 

What is your first cell phone, BTW? 



Do you really know your customers?

Do you really know your customers?

Do you?
Haha, Do I?

I went to an event several weeks ago and met a lady there. She said: I never bought anything online except my air ticket. You know, because now there’s no way but only online I can buy air ticket, so I have to buy it online. I prefer to go the stores to buy things I need.

She also said: I have a store, a physical store. I know all my customers and really enjoy talking with them every time when they come over. No matter they buy or not, but I do love to see their face and hear their stories. The most important thing is I would desperate want to know how can I help them the most.

Sure, I totally understand. However, I buy things online and also offline…and I run my business online only. There was once I thought about to open a flagship store just meeting my customers and maybe host some events there grabbing some nice wine with them.

However, it might be a little bit out of my scope for now and too much overhead I would have to work on–maybe have lower ROI…maybe not…

Anyways, for now, online is the way I am doing and I love this way.
Back to the question, do I really know my customers well?
Well, they wrote to us, they also message us on FB or send us message on twitter. They interactive with us on all our social media channels. We might have more customers than this lady, however, I am always imagine what do they look like and how can we serve them better.

Yes, I know where are they from, how many times they would visit us and buy from us, how many friends they would refer to us. If I walk down the street and suddenly I saw some girl is carrying our Pocowool iClutch on her bag, I would WOW, that’s our customer! Other than that, sure, I would know someone if they message me on FB, I mean not really know them but just know what they look like! Great smiles or?

Currently, we are running our International PocoFans and Ambassadors program: we are telling our customers and fans to send in their photos with the coolest gadgets they love to show together with their accessories they bought from us.
It is fun! We had quite a lot response! We ask them: when you apply, please let us know who you are, what you do, your goal and passion of life, your hobbies, you geeky and techy fashion style, and why do you like us!

Super fun!

Yes, if you ever figure out a better way to connect with your customers, please do! Also please share with us your method, we love to learn more!