Combinations for Monday look!

Hello my friends, it’s Monday again, a brand new look for you! Really simple, easy, and comfortable.

Jacket: Guess

Tank inside: Aritzia

Skirt: I really forgot the name. I got it several year ago and found it recently in my closet. Love the look.

Heels: Vince Camuto

Boots: Frye boots

Evening clutch: louis vuitton

Here has some other combination of matching your simple outfit for different day and purses:

Short boots:Luxury Rebel ( I wore this pair when I was in Korea and walked around shopping for days…really comfortable)

Pants: Corson (Super comfortable too. I wear those a lot when do grocery shopping. hahaha)

Another combination for today.

Boots: Cole Haan (Super comfortable. I used to believe those are Nike’s design, however, they are Cole Haan, I wear them a lot when I go to the woods and wild places)

Hey, dearest friends, I know it is Monday, I hope my combination could cheer you up and make your Monday productive at work. LOL.


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