Happy super Friday! My classic flower Friday look for dearest you!

Happy Friday, my dearest friends! The weather is excellent in Seattle today! I got up with a big smile on my face, how about you? WOW, life is wonderful! What is your plan this weekend?

I really love this dress I bought for my birthday gift 4 years ago, it is a Cache dress and I only wore it once. I really love the classic look of it. It also reminds me about the traditional Chinese dress QIPAO. Right, I need to have a real best tailored QIPAO made for myself later.

This dress is so flower! I am imagining that wear this and stand in middle of the tulip ocean this weekend. Hey, did  you go to see the tulips yet? I hope this weekend we still have the best weather so I can go.

Again, my most favorite Prada bag that I bought it for myself the first month when I got hired for my first big corporate full time job. Well, you know, we girls always find the excuse for buying gifts for ourselves. I felt cheered and really happy when I buy myself things and award myself somehow.

Ok. Here are some photos for Pocomaru‘s tradeshow on Wednesday. Hope you enjoy and support Pocomaru which is my full time job now. Pocomaru only shares things that I really like and I also use. Hope you also like some of them and enjoy some of them.

More details is also on Pocomaru website. Hope you enjoy.


If you like me and like my style, please also like Pocomaru

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