Friday look: Always love the tight simple dress

I really love this simple FreePeople tight dress. It can go well with everything. With this long vest from Zebraclub, with the LV purse, with the Report nude middle heels, and with the Free People belt all look perfect.

I love the special cut of this dress too. It fits me perfectly. The long vest has the scarf attached to it that I can wrap the scarf whatever creatively I can or just let it loose up.

I love Friday, especially when it is sunshine. What are you up to on Friday night? If you are traveling somewhere on this weekend, this French Designer traveller bag is perfect for you. It can not only carry your computer but also be perfect to carry you stay over stuff. It is perfect to people travel between the airports. It is so easy to take your computer out and go through the security scan and put it back. Super management pockets for all your big and little things. Check it out here¬†from Heidi’s collections. Hope you like it.


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