Lunch with girl friend look

It was fun meeting with one of my girl friends for lunch today. I really enjoy the great food and great conversation. It was wonderful catch up with some old friends that I didn’t see for a while. Excellent lunch!

She asked me if my heels are 10cm tall. Haha! I guess it is close! But it is super comfortable. This is not a pair of heels but sandle. I don’t really wear jeans too. However, this new pair of jeans from Guess really caught my eyes and super fits me. Frankly speaking, I have hard time to find the very fit pants. Guess usually have the pants for me, also A&F. They make good jeans for smaller hips with muscle legs girls like me.

Here, I should give my best friend Bruno a HUGE CREDIT for making this fabulous red wine for me! It was made in the year of 2009, super sweet and very strong. Every time when I go to his place, I always ask for a bottle of TO-GO wine. He always alarmed me with his cute Italian tone: the next time, bring the empty bottle back, no bottle back, no more wine!

Hahahaha, hey, you should really try his wine out. Tomorrow is the 4ths, do you have your wine to drink and celebrite?


If you like me and like Bruno’s wine, please also like

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