Monday Syndrome? Read me here

Got tired on Monday? Not sure what to do? Sitting in front of the computer and got your brain somewhat empty? Super busy with all the calendar meetings? Forgot what you just did on last Sunday? What is the plan this week? Weekend plans? What to do?

Oh, Monday Syndrome! I have a big stiff neck today! I was not sure where to put my hands and where to put my foot. My head is messed up and I am lost. What to do next? What is my priority? Some deadlines on something? I know I have a lot to do? Meetings? Oh, I don’t want to talk or meet with anyone…what’s going on?

Oh, Monday Syndrome!

Hey,let’s take a moment, got your favorite coffee in the kitchen or at the coffee shop on the street corner? Want take a walk there and grab it? At least, close your eyes, imagine the sunshine…breath…feel you belly button? Where is it? Feel the sound around you? Not the computer CPU running…I mean, do you hear your heart beating? Do you hear your breath?


Hey, then take a look at Heidi’s blog. Here you go!

This is my favorite T-shirt from Bebe three or four years ago. Now, it has a little hole on it. I am not sure what happened on it. But, I still love it and put it together with my favorite Free People mini skirt and Stuart Weitzman high heel sandals…I love this look! I know, there is a little hole on my shirt, however, it is still a cute shirt and I can match it with other cute stuff.

Life, sometimes, has a hole here and there. Defects. No worries, you don’t even have to correct it. No, I should say, if you think correct it means more to you, please go ahead. But if you think it is acceptable, take it and love it. With the hole, still beautiful, isn’t it? You are you, you are beautiful. Life is life, life is wonderful.

Monday Syndrome, no scare, no panic, be yourself, breath, take a walk, a cup of coffee or tea? Read Heidi’s blog full of grammar mistakes everywhere. Have fun! Don’t only see the negative part!

If you feel Monday Syndrome, find some clothes which is not perfect for your standard, wear it and love it. Your Monday Syndrome will go away. Seriously. Try it.

Love yourself. Love the ones you love. Go home, go to Yoga class, breath. Go to the bar, grab a drink and have a conversation with you old bartender friend. What’s going on?

We all love you! Remember, anything, here I am, for you.


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3 thoughts on “Monday Syndrome? Read me here

  1. ~_^ A little iron-on backing material might help the hole in the shirt … depending on the cloth, a dab of cloth glue should stop fraying. Saw your page pop up on FB with hordes of common friends, and Monday Syndrome led me here. Very adorable! Love your style

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